zondag 12 mei 2013

For all I care

It are my bones
they ache
Your nightmare
keeps me awake

It's my blood 
that slowly crawls
on my floor
and over your walls

It are my eyes
they stare
'cause it's you
for all I care

It's my heart
it's my flesh
My own brain
makes this mess

You, only you, darling,
inside your head
it's only you
that makes you mad

My lashes tremble
but my tears run dry
I, myself, reminds me
you once made me fly!

So come on my love,
please, let it go
and at that moment
only then: I will follow...

© Anke 

(gedicht ge├»nspireerd op het prachtige schilderij van Herman Brood, 'Als ik jou niet had')

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